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Question Time!

So I’ve been getting some of the same questions over and over (and that’s ok! :) ) so I thought it might be good to answer them here so they may be referred to… (if you asked me again I’d still probably retype it all out anyway…)

1. How is the food?

Everyone is really concerned about what I’m putting in my belly! Let’s start with fast food…

I’ve seen McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway already. I’ve only had Subway and one thing I noticed was that some sandwiches come with shrimp on them…it makes sense.

There are burger restaurants here, too, and eventually I’ll have a good ol’ Japanese version American burger! Maybe with shrimp…

Once I ate at this place called Surprise Donkey (something like that) and it’s goal was to have American food. I feel for all the Chinese who have to deal American Chinese restaurants. But again, it tasted fine. It just wasn’t American like I understand it.

Next is sushi.  I’m learning that there is cheap sushi and there is expensive sushi. So far I’ve only had cheap, and I’d compare it to expensive American sushi. It’s yummy, comes in a thousand varieties, and is extra cool when you snag it off a moving conveyor belt of rotating fish eggs, squid tentacles, and “American Chocolate Cake.” My friend, Jade, and I have created a “dare list” where we accomplish tasks we wouldn’t normally do. On the list is eating sushi topped with fish egg. bleh. We’ll get to that one day.

So the food here is fishy, not greasy, and not really flavorful usually. Japanese food doesn’t have a lot of spices in it. I’m still learning what kinds of things I can make for myself at home… I’ll have to learn to prepare fish while I’m here! (that’s a scary scenario to me)

2.  Am I over jetlag?

Affirmative. It only took two days to feel ok, thankfully. Now I’m combating the normal tiredness that comes with early darkness.

3. Am I making friends?

Getting there. Slowgoing but I’ve known everyone 8 days…they get a break. But yes, I’m making friends.

4. Do I share my apartment with anyone?

Negative. I’m all alone. Which is great usually, but sometimes it is just very quiet so I’ll turn up some music so I don’t feel so lonely. I’m still an introvert but I’ve had too much alone time, and I’m ready to go, go, go (to do something productive, not go home)!

Maybe there aren’t as many frequent questions as I thought. Random notes about Japan…

Earthquakes. Happen nearly every day (maybe EVERY day) and you don’t always know it’s an earthquake. My first one about threw me into a panic attack, though. I’ve never experienced one, even those insane Arkansas ones last fall, and I had no idea why my bed was moving suddenly. I’m good with earthquakes for now.

Weather. It’s winter here (the whole northern hemisphere experiences the same seasons at the same time America does) and there’s snow. It snowed when we arrived. It snowed after. It stopped. It rained yesterday. It snowed today. And it’s cold. The states forfeited their winter weather to Japan this year, I think.

Japanese. The people here are very kind and respectful. They are also very gracious when I try to communicate in Japanese to them. They also try to communicate in English so we afford each other lots of leeway while playing charades. It’s fun, but I’m ready to know their language better. I love the Japanese.

Safety. It’s very safe here. I can walk around alone in the daytime or at night (while maintaining common sense) and I don’t feel like I’m in danger, at all… It’s a relief after Johannesburg.

Do I miss home? Of course. But I’m definitely happy to be here and am staying until God tells me to move on.

If I missed an obvious question, re-remind me!