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Bible Study and Journaling Ideas

Bible Study and Journaling Ideas

A few months ago I was searching for tips on how to study the Bible smarter and how to make it more fun. I wanted to pass along those tips through a message to my youth group ladies. Pinterest had tons of great ideas, some artistic, some writing prompt-like, and some very specific and simple directions. After I pulled together a lot of different sources and ideas, I came up with a one page guide to copy and print for my group. I keep mine in my message creating journal and peek at it from time to time for quick reminders and inspiration. I wish I had kept track of all the places I got these amazing ideas, but I didn’t at the time. :[

A quick search of “Bible Study Ideas” should find you all of these ideas and lots more, though. :]

I wanted to make this page available to anyone in case they may find it helpful, too. (And it’s helpful for me too if my copy isn’t with me when I need it! :] )



Bible Journaling & Studying Ideas

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