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Monthly Archives: December 2014

2015 Theme / Down with the Resolution

A very good friend once told me about how she likes to choose theme words to actively learn about for a period of time. In order to accomplish the goal of growing the chosen topic actions include pondering the theme prayerfully, discussing it with others, studying the subject and intentionally practicing it in real life.

The word for 2014 was “grace” and it was amazing to live life looking for ways to learn about that. I think being married automatically draws out that theme because there’s a constant amount of grace needed and given in a close relationship. It’s been wonderful to learn and discuss the sweetness and necessity of God’s grace for us with others including peers and even our youth group. I’ve truly learned so much and am so thankful for the lessons in grace.

Moving forward, I am so so excited for my word/words for 2015!

Let me clarify though: It ISN’T a resolution because resolutions always seem like a set-up for failure a short time later. I won’t talk badly about resolutions now, but this is real and not something I can give up by springtime.

This year I’ve decided on three words but one concept. At first, I chose “fellowship,” but I don’t mean to downplay the significance of that word. I think it’s often used to describe things and events that aren’t true Christian fellowship. However I know I want it a part of what I do this year. So my word combo is:

fellowship – community – friendship

I am eager to start because I know I lack in these areas. I’m not so good at complete assimilation and with moving to here and then to there it’s easy to move away emotionally/mentally too. I’m partly sort of forcing myself to get over some of my shyness and continue my adventures outside of my comfort zone. More importantly, I’m trying to grow as a Christian and learn how to act in loving Christ-like concepts authentically and unselfishly—a challenge. So let’s connect or reconnect. Let’s meet each other’s families or see a movie or have coffee or cook together or something else. To learn better community I need to be in it and not just discuss or study it. I want to encourage you if I’m able, and I covet your encouragement. This message isn’t just for my peers… This is important: everyone of any age and from any phase of my life, I want to know YOU better.

In case you aren’t sure it can happen because you don’t even know where I am these days: I am living in Arkansas, go to university in Oklahoma, and am quite fond of road trips and travel. So maybe we aren’t as far apart as you thought. :)

Let me know if you want to be a part of my 2015, and we will make it happen.

I’ve been praying for the people I meet with and our encounters together. I’m trusting in God’s love and grace in all things, this too.