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Refreshed and Simple

I just recently returned from my Summer vacation, and I’m about to jump into the second trimester of the school year. Without that break I just mentioned, I don’t know how I’d be feeling about another 7 months here.

Here’s a (hopefully) succinctly written version of the break:

Buses to Fuji. Found a place to stay after a horror story of losing the place I paid for. Climb Mt. Fuji. Made friends.

Fly to Australia. Layover in the Gold Coast. Made a plane friend. Walked along the beach in the Coolangata area.

Fly to Sydney. Stayed with one of my favorite people, Ashley. Darling Harbour. Tumbalong Park. Broadway Shopping Centre. Touched the Sydney Opera House. Walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Rocks. Museum of Contemporary Art. Sydney buses buses buses. Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach walk. Wild dolphins. Taronga Zoo. Ferries as public transport. Australian animals. Koalas. Wombat! The Blue Mountains. Waterfalls. Rainforest. Wild kangaroos. Coogee Beach. Swimming. Freezing. Darling Harbour Fireworks. Pancakes on the Rocks. McDonalds’ chicken and cheese sandwiches. Max Brenner (chocolate by the bald guy) hot chocolate. Chinatown. Paddy’s Market. Hillsong Church. Hillsong Church. Nightime walks and encouraging talks. Cathedrals. Different Art Museum. Royal Botanic Gardens.

Fly to Cairns. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. New friend. Esplanade. Night Markets.

Fly to Tokyo. Bus to Sendai. Subway. Walk.

I was travelling alone most of the time, and I made it back home safely. I’m very thankful for that. All those things I saw and did mean more to me than the experiences they gave me, though. I feel so refreshed, like I have a better perspective of my life as it is right now, and like I have a better understanding of what the future looks like.

Life words right now:
temporary. Everything on earth is temporary. And my time here, specifically Japan, is the same. Appreciate this temporary opportunity. Treasure it. Live it fully.

missions. This is on my heart. It will always be on my heart (not temporary). I don’t know how that will unfold for me, but I’m at peace that it will be a beautiful story that I don’t deserve.

Simple words that mean so much. Pray I can live and learn these words as I start the last half of the school year.


About bethyadventures

Jesus is first. I want to show Jesus and love to others, and I get excited about Jesus using me to do that. I am so unworthy, but God chose me. Unending love, amazing grace.

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  1. I went to Australia earlier this year, too! Maybe we were there at the same time :)


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