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Monthly Archives: November 2011


I’ve been contemplating how God chooses people for certain experiences…


I obviously have not been chosen for whatever He gives to me because I am more special than anyone else. Instead, it is because I am the particular person He needs to put in those experiences in order to glorify Himself the most.

I’ve been praying for humility, and it’s hard to be humble (for me, anyway) when I am so incredibly impressed by the opportunity to go to Japan… “What a life experience!” I say to myself. So I have to change the way I think of myself in order to raise God and more clearly glorify Him.


I am just a soul, like every other Christ follower, that God is using to glorify Himself. I am erasing my traits, my appearance, everything but my first name and the quality of a soul. So for me right now, I am just a soul whose name is Beth. And instead of a complete person seen in the front, God is seen by His great work on this soul as He restores it, draws it to Himself, and shows His mighty power and love.


As others may occasionally be impressed (or something like that) with apparent “cool things” God is doing with a soul named Beth, I so much need for God to appear impressive rather than anything I have done. Nothing good is done by my own power. Only God’s love allows anything good to come out of me or to happen to me. This is God’s beautiful working and planning, not that soul named Beth’s.


Answered Prayers

On Friday I received the important phone call that would determine what I would be doing with the next year(ish) of my life.

The call was from Melissa Blakeslee, the person I’ve been in contact with since applying to teach English in an after-school program at the Maysen Academy in Sendai, Japan. She interviewed me, and on Friday she was the bearer of good news that made me tear up out of joy and gratitude.

So if all goes according to plan-
On January 31st (or thereabout), I’ll be flying away to Asia for 13 months to teach English, volunteer where I can, make new friends, and do what I can to share the love of Christ with others.

I’m doing lots of research about Japan to prepare myself for my stay, though I’m so excited for all of the little surprises that I won’t be able to prepare for. I know that God called me to this experience, and He will see me through it like He sees me through everything else. I am so grateful.

I cannot emphasize here how much this job has been prayed over. It’s been prayed over by my friends and family, and me nearly every single day since I applied (which was while I was still in SA). And since then the pull that I felt to go to Japan only grew and grew. I really think that that was God laying a call on my heart and drawing me toward that opportunity, working up my excitement, and then glorifying Himself when He, yet again, answered my earnest and persistent prayers.

As much as it would have hurt if the decision had been that I couldn’t go to Japan, that is also still an answered prayer and I would have been grateful in a different way. But God heard my prayer and He decided I should go, so this time the answer was a yes.

All I can do lately is smile and try not to talk about Japan with every person I see.