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Lesson #3–The Finale

As I am finished packing, mulling about my entire time here, as well as what I have to look forward to when I get back, I am left wondering what the biggest lesson I learned in SA was…

I don’t know if one was any more important than any other but here is a conversation I had today that rebrought to my attention something.

Person A-“What are you doing when you get home?”

Beth-“Not sure yet. I’m still looking for jobs. I have an interview with ……… and I’m looking into teaching in Japan.”

Person B [let me also say that I don’t know person B. They work in the office but I’ve never met him, nor do I know of his name.]-“Have you ever considered teaching little kids? That’s just what came to my mind.”

Something that came up in life a few times here was the idea of passion. What are you passionate about? How will God utilize this passion to strengthen His kingdom?

Here are the things I learned about passion:

1- It’s ok to not know what it is yet. In fact, it’s a great thing to pray for God to reveal.

Application: This applies to me in the way that I really don’t know what I want to do yet. I have a few interests and the only overarching “passiony” thing is that I want to help people more directly than the way I have before. But I keep praying that God will show me my passion. And He will.

2- It doesn’t always have to be the same as the last passion.

Application: Broadcasting was my passion a year ago. Less than a year ago. And it’s still something I enjoy very much. But it may not be the passion that God wants me to keep forever. Life goes in seasons and my getting this internship because I loved broadcasting may have just been one step toward something completely different, and I may not have had the experience God wanted for me otherwise. So, I can change what I want to do with my life regardless of my major or my declared love of a job or whatever and I can do it guilt-free (I only feel a little guilty about disliking radio).

3- Every person’s passion is unique.

Application: Go read about the body of Christ in 1 Corinthians.

4- Seeing someone else’s passion, even if it’s different than my own, is inspiring in itself.

Application: Have you ever been re-energized when you see someone doing something they love? What about a Christian who is whole-heartedly serving God?Makes you want to go put lots of energy into your own thing, hey?

5- No passion is too crazy to become a reality.

Application: They always tell us when we’re kids that we can be anything when we grow up. We sorta can! (Unless you wanted to be a puppy like Ashley Hable :P ) If it’s asked of God, and ordained and blessed and His will, it’s gonna happen one way or another.

If you want your passion to become a reality, then just ask. Need some inspiration, just ask. If you want your passion revealed, just ask. [Caution: Make sure you are asking the right source. :) ]

That man from work who doesn’t know me, and I don’t know him… well, he knows me pretty well, actually. I really do want to work with kids.


About bethyadventures

Jesus is first. I want to show Jesus and love to others, and I get excited about Jesus using me to do that. I am so unworthy, but God chose me. Unending love, amazing grace.

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  1. Such wisdom from such a young lady…may God grant you the ability to see where He wants you to be! Lifting up a prayer for you…


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