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Burundi Reflections

The “Burundi Trip” as I call it went well in ways I didn’t expect beforehand and extremely poorly in ways I didn’t expect either…

I learned that I am not a journalist, not a radio person, not in love with being the obnoxious interviewer. While I was doing interviews (which were important in their own way) I kept thinking how much I wanted to be a part of the ministries that were happening throughout the week. I understand that the documentation of those experiences are important, but I wanted to be actually helping people so much more than that.

So, I am absolutely, unwaveringly certain that I am not in love with radio. (In fact, I ended up being a traitor and running a switcher for the big screens on the sides of the stage during the festival and it was the most fun I had doing media things. No offense to that other stuff.) This doesn’t mean my internship was a waste by any means… I will write about this more another time, though.

This was also a rougher trip that I wanted because I was completely unprepared to be a social butterfly. I am an introvert at heart and sometimes I just need to be alone. It’s not that other people are particularly irritating. I just need to be alone to collect myself, gather thoughts, regenerate, etc, and then I’m ready to go in the world of other humans. I should mention that I’ve barely been alone this entire time. Once I was driving in the car alone to the other intern house 5 minutes away and it struck me that it was the first time I had been alone since I’ve been here, basically. In Burundi, I met lots of people but did a horrible job of working to get to know them. It’s actually too bad, because there were some really great people that I could have gotten to know, but I just could not get myself pumped up enough to do that. This on top of completely sucking at the radio thing just really killed my attitude, though I tried to force some sunshine exuding from myself most of the time. I learned lots from both of these “bad experiences” which perhaps makes them not so “bad” as much as just “experiences.” I think God still needed me there for a reason and I’ll still testify to His provision in this situation.

Those were the personal growth areas for that time… The festival was awesome, though; many people came to know Jesus there, and I’m very thankful I was there.


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Jesus is first. I want to show Jesus and love to others, and I get excited about Jesus using me to do that. I am so unworthy, but God chose me. Unending love, amazing grace.

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