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I just back from Mozambique on Sunday afternoon. It was an amazing time… I helped with kids’ ministries in the village we went to and then another village that a few people went to for three days. It was cool to see the Lord moving in these people and in the missionaries, too. It’s amazing that when you serve, you yourself will grow so much. I also handed out radios which was cool because it really solidified the importance of the work TWR does. The men were so appreciative of their radios and Bibles that were given to them because they had a lasting way to learn about God that lasted beyond the short time missionaries are there.

Having no electricity, no internet, no use for a phone was a nice break from the tie I usually feel to electronics, though I won’t deny that I’m thankful to be able to contact people again. I’m glad that I know I can live without it, though. We camped all week basically, in a tent huddled in a sleeping bag because it’s freezing at night. (But in the day it’s hot. I got a nice tan-line from my watch!  )

The reason I went on the trip was because the person that was going to go really needed to stay home because she is about to be away from SA for 4 years at Moody Bible College. She asked if I would be interested, which meant I’d have to skip two trips planned with the other interns to Swaziland and Durban. I was really excited to go on the originally planned trips but this one enticed me more. My job was to hand out radios and take photographs that can be used in TWR brochures and the website and things on the marketing side of TWR. It was a fun assignment. Along the way, I was also to help with the ministries and assimilate with everyone. I knew not a single person there beforehand, but I felt like I was part of a family almost immediately. I’m very thankful to have gotten to serve with the group of people that was there.

Thanks for your prayers!

Some more stuff that was taken out because an update email really shouldn’t be too wordy, yeah?

One thing that I kept thinking about was that I had no clue I would end up going on a trip like this—I found out I could go only 3 days before we even left. But even though I, and everyone else, had no clue that this little American girl would go to Mozambique on a mission trip, God knew. He planned it before I came to SA, before I knew about TWR, before I was born. Cool cool.

One interesting thing that happened was on the hut to hut visitations. One gentleman was the village witch doctor. He had a hut where he says he kept the ancestral spirits. (Ancestral worship is like a huge big deal in Africa tradition, it’s a huge opposition to Christianity). There was serious, very very real spiritual warfare going on. We met his wife on another day (he never returned though we tried to visit him every day after that to talk again) and she was a Christian and was really struggling with her husband’s practices and her beliefs. She was also afraid he would harm her physically. It was a sad situation. Also the number of kids surprised me, a number of them being orphans. I was reminded of God’s greatness and vastness and how much He cares, because He knows each child and adult in the village of Panhame (pronounced Panyama) and in Hartford, AR and He cares for them deeply. I guess I forget how great He is sometimes.

If anyone wants to know anything else, you should just ask me because I don’t think I can think of everything off the top of my head, but I’d love to talk about stuff. Here are things I can think of: I had to wear a sarong in the village out of respect for the culture. They spoke Shanga (sp?); we had translators. There were lots of balboa trees (google that if you don’t know what it is–it’s AWESOME). The kids liked to touch my hair and skin because I’m white. I lived in a tent the entire time. The food was super, though. We got a little lost in the Mozambique bush once. I’ve exhausted my memory for now.


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