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Email Update 2

I’ve been here just over two weeks now. I’ve been live on air twice (about to be three times in an hour), visited a theme park based on Jo’burg’s mining history, went and bought groceries without someone who lives here, edited someone’s testimony to be played on air, picked lemons from a lemon tree (did you know those things had thorns?!), drove on the left side of the road and the car, got my own office, and made new friends.

Yes, it’s alot, indeed. The Lord keeps showing me new things and teaching me new things about life and Himself and I’m having trouble keeping track of all the information. I write most of it down; this is the most I’ve used a journal. And I hope that it sticks with me because I have a feeling it’s going to be useful for me or someone I know someday. I wish I knew in which capacity I would want to know the things I’m learning, but God is keeping it a secret for now.

Lately, I’ve been job searching for when I return to the states…sneaky student loan bills will be coming for me in a few months. I’m trying not to stress about that because the Lord has already been faithful in bringing me here, but I’d like the assurance that I have something to return to in the states. While I’m trying to remain focused on my tasks here, I want to focus on what’s next, as well.

I just read in a book that people at different times in their life think that their lives REALLY begin at the next “stage.” A kid thinks their life really starts when they get their license or graduate from high school. A college student thinks life really begins after college. I seem to be in the mindset that my life begins when I return to the states. You see the problem, I’m sure. Life has already begun and trying to jump ahead to the next step means one might miss out on what’s in the step you are in right now. I need to remember to enjoy the time here because the Lord has something for me here, no doubt, and reasonably prepare for the next stage while understanding that it’s not all going to be known to me when I want it. Anyway, that’s one thing I’ve been thinking about lately. :)




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Jesus is first. I want to show Jesus and love to others, and I get excited about Jesus using me to do that. I am so unworthy, but God chose me. Unending love, amazing grace.

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