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Here’s my radio resume:

1. A one hour practicum class last semester in which I voicetracked for a three hour block (a three hour block that was at a time when few people would actually be stuck listening).
2. I co-programmed a fictitious radio station that was 80s themed for a class once. That was a fun project.
3. I listen to the radio. That counts, right?

So those are all of my radio broadcast credentials. And yet, I am at a place trying to be super cool with my headphones and my program schedules and all the other fun broadcast stuff. I always say TWR was a God thing because I’m sooooooo not the most qualified for this. ha

Today was the second time to go live on air. The first time was Tuesday and it went down like this:
Lebo-“You ready to go on air?”
Lebo-“Sit there.”
And there I was giggling in the background and only speaking when asked a question as Pastor G and Lebo blew my mind with a great live show. Chemistry between presenters seems to be important; maybe it can be faked but it’s good when the presenters actually are friends. The things they thought to talk about so quickly impressed me. I’m not stupid, but I don’t think that quickly when there’s a mic in my face. And everything was connected to the Lord…through the music and through their conversing; it was a blessed time for the audience and for us.
This ministry blows my mind, and the people in it are so passionate and so good at their jobs. I’m blessed they’re training me in so many aspects of the business. I’ve seen the work from start to finish (though I may not be able to do it all from start to finish) and every step is important from downloading the programs to front-selling it on air. Cool stuff.

The ultimate goal of TWR’s work is to use media to encourage, disciple, and evangelize people. Going live on air is still intimidating to me. Having a personality that can only come through in your voice can be a challenge; sometimes I don’t think I give off much of a personality period (I’m quiet because I’m thinking! ;) ) and yet I should sound comfortable, amiable, and interesting to people who will never know anything about me other than what I say and how I say it. Not that people are judging me or too concerned about whether my voice is a little too American or hoarse or whatever, but I am suppose to be the best witness I can be whenever my words are broadcast. I must speak with grace and truth and trust that the Lord will use the station’s music, programs, promos, and all of the DJs words to show God’s great love. TWR’s broadcasting is an “authority” on this, especially since TWR is the only teaching about God they get. Now I’m a part of that group of people and I pray that I come across as a growing young adult Christian, fun, joyful and trusting in the Lord while still on my own journey of learning about God as everyone else is.


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Jesus is first. I want to show Jesus and love to others, and I get excited about Jesus using me to do that. I am so unworthy, but God chose me. Unending love, amazing grace.

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