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Email Update whatever number it is now

Email Update 5
Work is moving along… I’ve been editing interviews and testimonies to be played on the live show, and editing various things to make promos for the Love Burundi festival. I really enjoy editing and the production side of things, though I’m not so sure if I’m a super duper audio editor. I’m use to the visual aspect going along with audio. Another challenge for me to conquer! Hiyah. I’ve also run the sound board and been the sole presenter on the live show. Scaaaaaary. I don’t know if I’m meant to be a presenter or not yet. I don’t mind pushing all the buttons, though. My continuity/voice tracking will be playing next Saturday and Sunday, too! It will be my first on air continuity. I’m a little excited. 

This weekend the five interns plus Janette McGurk went to Pilanesburg Game Reserve for a safari and to camp. It was seriously one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced. I love love love zoos, but this was special. We saw basically everything there is to see minus big cats and little things like chameleons. It was super cool to see all of God’s creatures living in the wild… God made giraffes and zebras and elephants and jackals and lions and wildebeests and impala and dogs and cats and people. And he made the mountains and the ponds and the funny African trees and Arkansas pine trees and the giant rocks and the sun and the moon and the stars. He made it all and He KNOWS every creature. I’m a fan of nature and animals so this whole trip was kind of a spiritual thing to me, and I think the other girls, too. I enjoyed experiencing nature (basically) the way God made it with all these things that are so foreign to the way I usually live. It was nice to be out of place and in the animals’ world for a while.

Everyone’s prayers are appreciated… They’re keeping me sane and content. Keep them coming. 
Here’s some updates on things I’ve asked for prayer for and just general updates; the last two days have moved super quickly and a lot has happened…
I will be going on a mission trip/photography assignment to Mozambique on Friday. It’s a last minute thing but I’m going in place of someone else who needs to stay home as she’s about to leave SA for four years to attend Moody Bible in Chicago. It’s slightly complex, but I’m excited to be going. The conditions will be new for me-no electricity, sleeping in a tent, hiding form mosquitoes. I can’t wait to tell people about Jesus, take photos, work hard, and learn. I’m very thankful to be going. (On another note, I won’t be back until the 10th, so no internet updates for me until then.
Also, I get to go to the Love Burundi festival! I’ve been praying about it and have asked others to pray, as well, and the Lord has made it happen. It turns out that I can afford the plane ticket (it’s much less than it was originally suppose to be, so I can afford it with the money I was going to spend going to Vic Falls). We’re trying to arrange some sort of accommodations for me, but that’s much less stressful than expecting to have to pay $1600USD and wondering where that money would come from. So it still needs prayer, but I can already testify that the Lord has provided and arranged it so I can go.

Thank you for taking my prayer requests seriously if you do. It really does affect what goes on.



email update 4

I’ve been here a whole month! It feels like I’ve barely been here at all and like I’ve been here my whole life. I’ll be gone again before I know it.

ALL of the interns are here now! We all get along amazingly well…for all coming from different places and different backgrounds, it’s got to be that Christ unifies us. And also, we don’t know anyone else either, so why not make friends? :) This weekend four of us went to the Apartheid Museum and on Sunday all five of us drove to Pretoria for the day. It was a fun, educational, lots of bonding kind of weekend. After our daytrip to Pretoria, we came back and went to night church. We took communion and as I did, I reflected on the fun things that I’ve been able to do here in SA. Then I further reflected that those fun things are not the real reason I am here. I am here on a mission to serve God, and while it’s awesome that I’m having all these awesome experiences and making new friends, I should never ever lose sight of the reason I am here or the reason I am saved. Ultimately, glorifying God and bringing people to Christ is why I’m alive.

Here’s a very real prayer request. I’m getting frustrated with knowing what to do next with myself. I’ve recently been praying that the Lord will reveal to me a passion for some work. I know things I enjoy but I don’t know when or if or how I will utilize those things I enjoy. Please pray that I can know my passion and that I find a job. Thank you!


Thoughts thoughts thoughts

Blog thought 1:

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while now. The issue of identity is something that comes up in pretty much everyone’s life. Identity can be attributed by the way one dresses (goth, granola, hipster, etc), family ties, the music one listens to, the culture one grows up in (I’m from the south, y’all), appearance, relationships, sexuality, what one excels at, career, or just about any other thing. We like to have a thing to tie to our identity so we feel significant. Here are some things I’ve made my “identity”: my grades, broadcasting, my height (seriously), music choices, and probably some more. It’s not necessarily an evil thing to attach these things to my identity, but I should never let them become the only thing that makes me me. At the Gathering at JBU, the message that spoke to me the most was about this subject. Our identities should be found in Christ if we are a Christian. The other stuff is interesting and cool and makes us unique, yeah, but the thing that truly makes us whole is Christ. The goal of our life shouldn’t be to just excel at being whatever we think we are (I’m going to be a hippy!), but it should be to glorify God by accepting Christ, placing our identity in that, and trying to live out a life that pleases Him while knowing that the only way that can happen is by asking Jesus to be the link between God and us.

Blog thought 2:

I’m struggling with figuring out my passion right now. I’ve been pretty in love with broadcasting for a little while. And it’s still a cool deal for me, but I sometimes doubt if I’ll be working in it forever. There are other things that I really take joy in, as well, like being with kids and volunteering… I also enjoy sitting on the couch, eating junk food, and watching old movies, but that’s not a job. So what is a person who enjoys several things, doesn’t know where her passion truly is, and needs to find a job ASAP to do? This girl keeps being reminded that she should pray that God would reveal her passion to her. A TWR employee who works on the eastern cape of SA came to visit our office and spoke about passion. It was the most appropriate thing for me to hear. God knew I needed that pep talk. So I’m praying lots about that lately. I’ve applied for two jobs. One I am super interested in and the other not so much. I’m open to whatever the Lord has for me. I just don’t know what that is yet.
If anybody reading this has some wisdom about this (or an open job! ;) ) let me know!

Email Update Tres!

Hello, everyone!

Things are still good here-more settled in. Two more interns have arrived. I’m understanding my role here better. My live broadcasts are definitely improving…I’m getting comfortable with that microphone in my face if I just make it like I’m just talking to the other announcers. Voice tracking, which just means recording before hand and it plays automatically at the right time, is still a little hard but it’s also improving. It’s the Lord working through it all, though: picking the right songs to play at the right time and giving me the right words to say on air. I could never do something like this on my own.

Last Sunday we traveled to Nelson Mandela square which is in the wealthiest part of South Africa called Sandton. It wasn’t a place that promoted history, but there was a large statue of Mandela doing his famous jiggy dance. I hugged his leg. :) It was a good time because I got to spend time with the other interns and we get along incredibly well for all being from different places in the country and having out own personalities and seasons in life. It’s definitely been the Lord working through this as we are able to encourage one another and share our life experiences with each other. We’ve all been invited to one of the intern’s weddings at the end of the year. So cool!

Relationally, this has already been a tremendous thing for me. I’m in another place where I knew NO ONE. I don’t always do well meeting new people and actively getting to know them. I like to fall back on having one friend somewhere and depending on that to make me not look lonely. Here, though, if I want friends, I better make an effort. And it’s all worked out just fine as I’ve kept the right attitude and everyone here has something to teach me whether it’s in broadcasting, their personal lives, or at Bible study. I can’t wait to make fun memories with everyone!


Email Update 2

I’ve been here just over two weeks now. I’ve been live on air twice (about to be three times in an hour), visited a theme park based on Jo’burg’s mining history, went and bought groceries without someone who lives here, edited someone’s testimony to be played on air, picked lemons from a lemon tree (did you know those things had thorns?!), drove on the left side of the road and the car, got my own office, and made new friends.

Yes, it’s alot, indeed. The Lord keeps showing me new things and teaching me new things about life and Himself and I’m having trouble keeping track of all the information. I write most of it down; this is the most I’ve used a journal. And I hope that it sticks with me because I have a feeling it’s going to be useful for me or someone I know someday. I wish I knew in which capacity I would want to know the things I’m learning, but God is keeping it a secret for now.

Lately, I’ve been job searching for when I return to the states…sneaky student loan bills will be coming for me in a few months. I’m trying not to stress about that because the Lord has already been faithful in bringing me here, but I’d like the assurance that I have something to return to in the states. While I’m trying to remain focused on my tasks here, I want to focus on what’s next, as well.

I just read in a book that people at different times in their life think that their lives REALLY begin at the next “stage.” A kid thinks their life really starts when they get their license or graduate from high school. A college student thinks life really begins after college. I seem to be in the mindset that my life begins when I return to the states. You see the problem, I’m sure. Life has already begun and trying to jump ahead to the next step means one might miss out on what’s in the step you are in right now. I need to remember to enjoy the time here because the Lord has something for me here, no doubt, and reasonably prepare for the next stage while understanding that it’s not all going to be known to me when I want it. Anyway, that’s one thing I’ve been thinking about lately. :)



Going Live

Here’s my radio resume:

1. A one hour practicum class last semester in which I voicetracked for a three hour block (a three hour block that was at a time when few people would actually be stuck listening).
2. I co-programmed a fictitious radio station that was 80s themed for a class once. That was a fun project.
3. I listen to the radio. That counts, right?

So those are all of my radio broadcast credentials. And yet, I am at a place trying to be super cool with my headphones and my program schedules and all the other fun broadcast stuff. I always say TWR was a God thing because I’m sooooooo not the most qualified for this. ha

Today was the second time to go live on air. The first time was Tuesday and it went down like this:
Lebo-“You ready to go on air?”
Lebo-“Sit there.”
And there I was giggling in the background and only speaking when asked a question as Pastor G and Lebo blew my mind with a great live show. Chemistry between presenters seems to be important; maybe it can be faked but it’s good when the presenters actually are friends. The things they thought to talk about so quickly impressed me. I’m not stupid, but I don’t think that quickly when there’s a mic in my face. And everything was connected to the Lord…through the music and through their conversing; it was a blessed time for the audience and for us.
This ministry blows my mind, and the people in it are so passionate and so good at their jobs. I’m blessed they’re training me in so many aspects of the business. I’ve seen the work from start to finish (though I may not be able to do it all from start to finish) and every step is important from downloading the programs to front-selling it on air. Cool stuff.

The ultimate goal of TWR’s work is to use media to encourage, disciple, and evangelize people. Going live on air is still intimidating to me. Having a personality that can only come through in your voice can be a challenge; sometimes I don’t think I give off much of a personality period (I’m quiet because I’m thinking! ;) ) and yet I should sound comfortable, amiable, and interesting to people who will never know anything about me other than what I say and how I say it. Not that people are judging me or too concerned about whether my voice is a little too American or hoarse or whatever, but I am suppose to be the best witness I can be whenever my words are broadcast. I must speak with grace and truth and trust that the Lord will use the station’s music, programs, promos, and all of the DJs words to show God’s great love. TWR’s broadcasting is an “authority” on this, especially since TWR is the only teaching about God they get. Now I’m a part of that group of people and I pray that I come across as a growing young adult Christian, fun, joyful and trusting in the Lord while still on my own journey of learning about God as everyone else is.