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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Sticky Stamps

My first blog-post! (not counting the map that I was using to test my blogging abilities…I actually failed that first test, though)

I’m going to South Africa (Lord willing)! This is still a crazy, will-this-really-work-out kind of thing, but I couldn’t be more excited about all of it.

I am going to blog about this entire process from start to finish. The start looks a lot like organized piles of envelopes, letters, tax and insurance papers, and a messy room. It’s a little nutso, but the Lord has provided motivation (and my internship planner has provided deadlines ;)) for me. Today I’m addressing lots of envelopes, buying lots of stamps, and getting a hand cramp but this part of the process is such a learning experience and I’m thankful for it.

These letters basically ask people to support me through prayer and through donations. I struggled to bring myself to ask for money…it’s hard for me to be dependent on people giving something they have worked hard for, but, again, this is part of the whole process. I know that somehow all of that will work itself out. Maybe I won’t meet the monetary goal, but then again maybe I will. Either way, I will be so blessed through knowing that people are supporting the work that God is doing through this internship. He will bless others throughout Africa and He is blessing me through the experience. I also pray that He blesses those who give by assuring their support is for a ministry that is truly changing people’s lives.

Please pray that I am able to raise the necessary support. Pray that I will constantly find peace in the Lord throughout this process as it can be a scary place to be.



Map of South Africa